Q: Are "Word-of-Mouth Reports" at this website negative in any way?

A: No, "Word-of-Mouth Reports" at our website are absolutely NOT negative in any way.

Report authors submit "Word-of-Mouth Reports" because they want to share their experiences with and opinions regarding the report subject with other people in our world. The only way to find out what it is that they want to share is to communicate with them using our Anonymous Email System.

A report author might submit a report because they think you are very nice person, for example. Each person/user is different and each report author is an independent entity that can and will say what he/she wants to say. What they want to say is only known by the report author and those who communicate with him/her.

"Word-of-Mouth Reports" ONLY describe the report subject: nothing more! All information additional to that which is contained in "Word-of-Mouth Reports" is exchanged via private email communications between our users.

Q: Someone submitted an Email Address "Word-of-Mouth Report" on me. Given that they have my email address then why don't they just email me? I don't understand why they would want to use your website.

A: In general, it makes NO sense for a report author to submit an Email Address "Word-of-Mouth Report" if they want to communicate with you. The report author wants to communicate with other users to learn or share expereineces and/or opinions about you. The exception to this rule is if the email address they submit a report on is an email address that you no longer use and/or that is inactive. In this case they might be trying to get in touch with you but do not know how.

Report authors submit "Word-of-Mouth Reports" at this website because either 1) they have experience with the report subject that they want to share with others, or 2) they are looking for others that have such experiences to share.

If a report author is trying to get in touch with you another type of report they also might submit is an "I am looking for information" Person "Word-of-Mouth Report".

Q: Why are you publishing my information in the Internet for all the world to see? I do not want people getting my email address off an Email Address Report at this website so they can spam me, nor do I want people to be able to find my identifying information like hair color, etc. off of a Person Report.

A: First, only users who already know you will be able to view "Word-of-Mouth Reports" about you. The only way to view "Word-of-Mouth Reports" is through searching at our Search page. In the case of an Email Address Report the searcher must already know your email address. In the case of a Person Report the searcher must already know your first name, last name, city, state, and country of residence.

Second, according to current US law the Word-of-Mouth.Org website cannot be considered a publisher. Please see links further down this page.

Third, "Word-of-Mouth Reports" at this website are posted to our database by our users, who are independent private parties that we have no control over and who have their own individual rights to express their views and to find other persons with which to share their experiences and opinions.

Q: A report has been submitted in my name and or email address. I want it removed. What can I do?

A: Firstly, please understand that you can submit a report about yourself or the suspected report author so you can tell your side of the story to report inquirers. Second, report authors are the only ones that can delete "Word-of-Mouth Reports". Each report author owns the "Word-of-Mouth Reports" that he/she submits at our site. You should contact the author of the report using our Anonymous Email System if you want the report deleted. A link to our Anonymous Email System is included in each and every report.

*An exception to this report deletion rule exists. If a user sends inquiries to a report author and the report author does not respond within seven (7) days, the inquirer can request that the report be deleted by sending us email at our Contact Us page. We will confirm in our records that said inquiries have been sent and that the author has not responded, then we will delete the report.

Q: How does this site work?

A: Word-of-Mouth.Org is an online meeting place where users from around the world can perform background research on individuals and businesses using the powerful information source known as "word-of-mouth". A user that has had experience with or has opinions regarding an individual or business
will submit an " Word-of-Mouth Report" whose purpose is only to identify the individual or business in question. Other users are then immediately able to search through and review these "Word-of-Mouth Reports". When an interesting report (typically regarding an individual or business that the user knows) is found by a user, he/she may then begin to communicate with the report author through our Anonymous Email System to learn the experiences and opinions of the report author regarding the report subject.

"Word-of-Mouth Reports" are only for the purpose of identifying the report subject. They do not contain information additional to that which is viewable at no charge by any and all users. "Word-of-Mouth Reports" do not contain fields into which report authors can possibly enter any information aside from that which is for the purpose of identification. "Word-of-Mouth Reports" do not contain and cannot possibly contain any potentially defamatory information and "Word-of-Mouth Reports" are not to be construed as positive or negative.

*IMPORTANT - Report authors own the "Word-of-Mouth Reports" they submit and hence they are the only ones that can delete "Word-of-Mouth Reports". This website is not for the purpose of sharing private information like social security numbers, credit reports, and the like.

The purpose of this site is to spread the valuable information source known as "word-of-mouth" on a level never before known in the history of mankind, as a result helping the people of our world to make better decisions about the people they meet and know.

Q: How does your Anonymous Email System work?

A: Our Anonymous Email System is proprietary system we have devised whereby users can anonymously communicate with each other via email. When you find a report that interests you simply click on one of the clearly marked Anonymous Email System links that appear in each and every report. This link will cause a page to open from which you can anonymously send email to the report author. This is possible because we know the author's email address. We will never reveal a user's email address to anyone. The Anonymous Email System packages and sends your email text to the author on your behalf.

Anonymous Email is sent back and forth through a series of pages at our site. Users receive email through their email clients (i.e. Outlook, Eudora) or their Internet Email accounts (i.e. Yahoo!, Hotmail), but users cannot respond to these emails using the "reply-to" button as they normally would. Users must instead click on a link in the email they received which will then take them to a custom page at our site from which they can reply to the author of the email. Communication can then continue in the same fashion, back and forth, until the parties decide to desist or until either party decides to provide a contact email address, phone number, or other contact means. By utilizing this system we keep the email addresses of both parties totally secret. Neither party will or can learn the email address of the other (nor identity, of course) through us. However, either party may choose to provide his/her email address to the other in the body of the email. Use of our Anonymous Email System is reserved for Power Users.

Q: Why do I need to have cookies enabled on my browser?
A: THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT PLACE ANY COOKIES ON YOUR COMPUTER. However, you must allow first party cookies to use this website because this website uses something called "session variables" to store user information after you login. This way each page you visit will know which user you are. Many of the pages at this site need to know which user you are in order to function properly. An example would be the "Edit User Info" page.
Q: What is Daily Automatic New Report Searching?

A: Once you have searched for "Word-of-Mouth Reports" at our site a few times you will understand that it is something you will want to do regularly. A report could be submitted about you or someone interesting to you at anytime. Most users want to learn immediately when interesting "Word-of-Mouth Reports" have been submitted, so we developed Daily Automatic New Report Searching.

A Daily Automatic New Report Search is like a manual search except that it occurs automatically every day. After the search completes our system sends you an automatic email to confirm that the search has been performed. If any search results are found a link to these "Word-of-Mouth Reports" will be included in the email for your convenience. You can change the searches you want our system to perform through our automatic searching page. These searches occur daily and only search through "Word-of-Mouth Reports" that have been submitted since the last automatic search.

Regular-Level Registered Users receive ONE (1) FREE Daily Automatic New Report Search, while Power Users receive TEN (10), thereby allowing them to automate searches for friends, family, business associates, etc.

Q: Why can't I find the contents of the report? All I find is the report subject's identifying information. I can find no report. Do I have to pay to see the report?

A: For legal reasons this website DOES NOT contain "reports" in the traditional sense of the term. Our "Word-of-Mouth Reports" only contain the identifying information of the report subject as they are only purposed toward identifying the report subject.

We are simply a meeting place for people who want to find and/or want to share "word-of-mouth" information. Users who have had experiences with or have opinions about another person should submit a "I Have Information" report. Conversely users who are looking for others who have had experiences with or have opinions about another person should submit a "I am Looking for Information" Report.

Users can search for and find "Word-of-Mouth Reports" that are interesting to them. Once an interesting report is found, users may use our proprietary Anonymous Email System to communicate with the report author and begin to share experiences and opinions regarding the report subject. Its really that simple! The "Word-of-Mouth Reports" at our site DO NOT contain any information that is not freely available to all users.

Q: Why are all of the fields in your "Word-of-Mouth Reports", especially the Email Address "Word-of-Mouth Reports", so vague?

A: This is due to legal limitations. We have designed the "Word-of-Mouth Reports" so that they cannot be construed as defamatory in any way. If a report were somehow construed as defamatory then the subject might try to pursue our website on criminal or civil charges. We cannot, for example, include a field that allows the report author to explain his/her experience with the report subject, because the experience may be a negative one which could be construed by the report subject as defamatory. Of course, for defamation to occur the statements must be false, but users would be able to post false information as we do not monitor "Word-of-Mouth Reports".
Q: You claim that I will be totally and completely anonymous at your site. How safe is my user information, i.e. email address, etc.
A: The only identifiable piece of information that we keep in our user database is your email address, and if you are really concerned then you can just sign up for one of the many free email accounts that are readily available on the Internet. We will never give out this information to anyone, nor have we in the past. Further, by design we use a third party, PayPal, to process Power User Subscriptions so that we never have any of your personal data. Our site is based upon the anonymity of our users and we go to great lengths to assure this.
Q: Why do you require first name, last name, gender, city, state, and country in the Person Report search parameters?
A: We require all these search parameters so that users do not find "Word-of-Mouth Reports" on people that they do not know. For example, lets say you know a person named John Smith. If we allowed you to search for all John Smiths in the world you might find a report on someone in a different city who fits the description of the John Smith that you know and then you might start to suspect that this other John Smith is the one you know. Obviously this might not be fair to the different John Smith that you know.
Q: I don't like your site and I want to sue you.

A: First, "Word-of-Mouth Reports" at our website do not include fields where users can post potentially defamatory information. Second, our concept has been tested in the courts in the past and we will continue to modify our site in line with legal requirements. Please see the following legal references:



Q: Can spammers and/or junk emailers use this website to harvest and/or validate email addresses?
A: No, they cannot. As to harvesting of email addresses, you cannot view an email address report at our website unless you first search for it. You must already know the email address in order to search for it. As to validation of email addresses, the design of this website does not allow this.
Q: I no longer want to be a user of your site. I want to cancel and delete my account.
A: You can totally and completely delete your account from our system at any time at our Edit User Info Page.
Q: I do not want to receive email from this website when "Word-of-Mouth Reports" are submitted about me or when users search for "Word-of-Mouth Reports" about me. What can I do?

A: Simply add yourself to our Do Not Email List. Click here to add yourself.

Q: I still don't understand this website and/or have questions?
A: Contact us with your questions. Some users have trouble understanding our website. Please make sure you have read this FAQ completely, as well as our About Us page completely before doing so. Click here to contact us.

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